How You Take the Plunge Matters to Your Online Business

Are you a launcher or a creeper?

The Ink Rat


Photo by margot pandone on Unsplash

Do you go for a swim the way you live your life?

This realisation struck me recently, and it wasn’t pleasant.

Last September, we went north to the Gold Coast in Queensland for a short break. The hotel was bursting at the seams with families with young kids. The place had a decent-sized swimming pool outside, so my kids joined in the communal chorus echoing up and down the corridors.

“Can we go swimming? Can we? Can we?”

So, we did. Morning and night. Every day. Even when it rained.

Each time, my youngest launched herself into the pool with a huuuuuuge splash💦.

I, in the meantime, crept into the water millimetre by millimetre🥶. A sharp intake of breath when it reached my thighs, another intake when it lapped at my tummy and so on. I’m hyperventilating by the time it reaches my armpits five minutes later before I realise …

“It’s not really that cold, is it?”

Eye-roll from the kids.🙄

It’s not hard to see who has the better swimming experience, yet every day I couldn’t persuade myself to launch in and get the discomfort over with fast.

A few weeks later, I’m on the phone with a client. She’s explaining to me how she recently spotted a new business opportunity. Three weeks later, she had purchased the URL, hired a team and secured eight clients before even doing any marketing for this fledgling business. I was stunned — and to be frank, I was green with envy😒!

In the same situation, I know my process would be to:

  • Daydream about the possibilities
  • Discuss it with my peers
  • Do some analysis
  • Think about it some more
  • Write out a plan
  • Work the numbers
  • Journal about it
  • Have serious doubts about myself
  • Get over myself (and my doubts)
  • Make a decision to trial the concept
  • Cautiously convert the action plan into a series of steps



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