How to Embrace Your Multi-faceted Self in a World of Niches

What’s your unique formula?

The Ink Rat


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How often have you been told you need to specialise to get ahead?

How often have you been told the riches are in the niches? (And how annoying is it that this phrase only rhymes if you live in certain parts of the world?)

I’ve been told all of this many times! And I don’t like it.

I’ve had discussions with my clients about it, too, and some don’t like it either…

“Niche famous” anyone?

It doesn’t seem right that what we write, or make, or supply, or offer has to have a definable audience that excludes more than it includes. Or that we can be big as long as it’s in a small pond.

As a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, and former accountant, I have grappled with being tooooooo generalist.

Supposedly, I coulda/shoulda been focusing on writing websites for tax agents who own blue-haired pets in the Greater Sydney Area. I jest, of course. A niche containing any colour pet would be fine.

But what if you’re multi-passionate? and multi-skilled?

One day, the mastermind group I’m part of discussed niches.

I re-raised my ongoing concerns about niching because I still consider myself to be multi-passionate — and multi-skilled. Someone — who I am eternally grateful to — said the following…

“Maybe your unique combination of skills actually is a kind of niche.”

🤯… yes, mind delightfully blown.

Maybe our own uniqueness is the niche that draws the right people into our lives… be it in the form of work, friends, or family.

The social media SEO hack for the multi-capable

Serendipitously, a short while later, I was reading Alex Llull’s newsletterThe Steal Club” (because I’m all for not reinventing the wheel, my friend!).

He found an Instagram SEO hack (Instagram SEO? S E Whoa! A topic to cover in more detail another time!) from @redonadida who recommended changing your profile name on Instagram (though not your…



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