3 Easy Steps to Overcoming Your Discomfort about Getting Visible Online

And an example of the rewards available if you do

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About 18 months ago, my copywriting idol and mentor, Belinda Weaver, set one of those “Do the Work” challenges.

I’d been an introverted member of her online group for a couple of years by now. And while her membership was called Confident Copywriting, the only thing I’d truly mastered so far was how to lurk silently during her online coaching calls.

This time, however, I grasped the nettle and used her latest challenge as a chance to improve my online visibility 😬.

Speech may be silver, but is silence always golden?

Excruciatingly shy growing up (I once didn’t speak for the entire first term at a new school 🤐), even today I still prefer to hide — except now I do so behind my business name, The Ink Rat.

But I was determined that all this was about to change!


Because I’d learned enough about LinkedIn to see its potential as a source of high-quality work for my copywriting business. I needed to become more visible on that platform — and elsewhere.

From zero to… well, what is consistent visibility anyway?

I started marketing The Ink Rat copywriting business with one post a week on LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Business. Some, ahem, online gurus recommend 3 to 7 bajillion times a week but who’s got time for that!

I’d already been on LinkedIn for 14 years, but I’d never, ever, ever dared to put up a post until Belinda’s “Do the Work” challenge. Given I had just launched my ‘speaking-to-articles’ service, Sparticles, it was perfect timing to increase their visibility (and thus my own, sigh…).

But did showing up online actually change anything?

12 months later, I looked back on a year of unexpected outcomes. You can read the details on LinkedIn here, with a few more observations here. In summary:

  • My LinkedIn connections surged beyond 500 😁
  • My LinkedIn clients went…



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